Valkyrie Type Altines


Arms in Pocket






Sword, Great Sword, Dagger, Lance

Poor With:

Machine Gun, Launcher

Developed from an award-winning design from Our Shinki (fan-made shinki design contest) in 2038 by a collaboration between Dione Corporation and Arms In Pocket along with sister shinki Valkyrie Type Altlene (DI/AXP-001X1). Altines shinki specializes in using its agility, made capable by its MMS Small Body, to excel in three dimensional tactics.

There are small condensers placed in the "Reinforced Crystal Armor" located in various points on Altines' body including its arms and legs which allow for higher output power, giving Altines a high degree of mobility, despite the shinkis cumbersome armor. In addition to this, the shinki's skirt armor is a multi-use unit that can transition from close-combat weapons into high-mobility wings, giving the shinki a significant amount of flexibility in mid-air.

Altines also comes equipped with a visor that is of a different type from Altlene and also provides defensive reinforcement to the easily damaged face. -Bio from Konami

Battle Class: High Mobility
Body: [VAL Type]DI/AIP-001X2
Core Unit: [WAL:ALTINES]
Head: Elda Helme
Chest: Schwarz Breastplate
Chest: Kreutz Cross
Shoulder Schwarz Shoulders
Arm Schwarz Arm Guards
Wrist Schwarz Cuffs
Thigh: Schwarz Cuisses
Thigh: Schwarz Garter
Leg Schwarz Greaves
Rear Units
Rear Unit: Neuntöte
Bit: Hervor
Weapon: Siegmund
Weapon: Roter Stern
H.Wep: Siegfried
H.Wep: Hervor
Acc1: Lotte Ring
Acc2: 001X2 Pigtails


  • This Editor almost went insane trying to translate all of the Katakana for this. Give her a pat on the back, please. Komamisa (talk) 10:51, October 17, 2012 (UTC)
    • Seriously, how is ノインテーター (Nointeetaa) = Neuntöte
    • Or ジークムント(Shiikumunto) = Siegmund?
      Komamisa (talk) 10:51, October 17, 2012 (UTC)