Devil Type Strarf Mk.2


Front Line






Close Combat, Pistols

Poor With:

Singing, Thrown Weapons

The Mark 2 version of the Devil Type Strarf series, much of the original traits have been carried over into this continuation of the line. Improvements over her predecessor includes extremely improved flight capability, a larger array of energy blade weapons, streamlining her rear unit and removing the GA4 "Tigru" Leg Parts. Strarf is known for heavy armor and heavy firepower with a decent degree of speed and extreme amounts of dexterity, making her live up to her manufacturer company's name of Front Line. Able to deal out copious amounts of damage while taking similarly grievous damage, Strarf is a Shinki that wins many combat tournaments. While not listed on this page, Strarf also has a gigantic selection of armor and weaponry parts, and can use nearly every pistol and close combat weapon on the market. Her only real weakness is her lack of non-combat traits—singing especially—and her line's penchant hot and cold (tsundere) personality.

Battle Class: Heavy
Body: [Devil Type]FL017
Core Unit: DVL Mk2:STRARF
Head: FL017 Olyen
Alt.Head 1 : FL013 Sensor Blade
Alt.Head 2: FL013 Thermal Sensor
Chest: FL017 Spectral Guard
Alt.Chest: FL013 Chest Armor
Landing Gear: GA2 "Karova" Leg Parts
Boosters: FL017 Battle Shoes
Foot Armor 2: FL017 Foot Armor
Shield: FL013 Guard Shields
Rear Units
Rear Unit: FL017 Rear Unit
Alt.Rear Unit: DT Rear Unit + GA4 Arm
Scissor Blade: FL017 Scissor Blade
Stabilizer 1: Stabilizer Wings
Stabilizer 2: FL017 Accessories
L.Arm: Kot
R.Arm: Koska
Armlet.H.Wep: Griva
H.Wep 1: FL017 Scissor Blade
H.Wep 2: FL017 Minigun
L.Knee: Rok
R.Knee: Klyuv
Alt.Wep: Shurama RvGND Launcher
Alt.Wep: Model PHC Handgun Vuzluif
Alt.Wep: Fulsto Gufloto
Alt.Wep: Fulsto Klein
Alt.Wep: Angle Blades x2
Alt.Wep: Zhileza Rocket Hammer
Acc1: Hair Extention [Strarf Mk.2]


  • FL013 Parts are the parts from the original Strarf and Strarf bis, they are still compatible and still good, leading to them still being on sale. However, FL017 parts are lighter and smaller while still maintaining the same degree of protection, so other than making Strarf look more imposing, it's best to stick with the 017 parts she comes with.
    • The same goes for all of her Alternate Weaponry. i.e. Griva is more powerful than the Zhileza Rocket Hammer for something much lighter and smaller.