Dark Angel Type Arnval Tempesta




Dark Angel




Long Sword, EN Weapon, Launcher, Machine Gun, Deployable

Poor With:

Thrown Weapons, Bombs

Dark Angel Type Arnval Tempesta is a variant of the Arnval Mk. 2 that was illegally created by a third-party company other than Front Line. Technically, she is not classified as a Busou Shinki, but an "Autonomous Combat Robot" due to her exceedingly high power output and different internal structure. She is more solidly built than the Average Shinki, looking almost entirely like a 15cm tall human with fewer obvious robotic joints and no spacers between her arms and legs. Besides these main distinctions, Arnval Tempesta is an incredibly proficient, even overpowering fighter, utilizing the same weaponry as the regular Arnval series yet still capable of overpowering the reduction containment fields of the Battle Field Projectors. Combining her solid construction, lethal weaponry, and blinding speed, she is a formidable, if not impossible opponent for other Shinki. Especially when used in conjunction with another ability she has to discharge lethal voltages of electricity.

For roleplaying purposes, Arnval Tempesta may be taken by only one, very trusted roleplayer, and even then she's normally in the mode of a normal Arnval Mk. 2 with all of her Tempesta abilities (and appearance) locked away. This Editor may take up this mantle, but she will likely not be used at all.

Do note, though, that to most maintenance programs, while she has a completely different internal work than a Busou Shinki, she'll still appear as one.

Found some new info on Tempesta directly translated from Konami Bio's on the Shinki, so this will be the info that'll be used for Tempesta from here on. Komamisa (talk) 08:20, October 17, 2012 (UTC)

New InfoEdit

The FL016 Arvnal MK.2 is the latest model of FRONT LINE's best selling series, Arnval.
The Tempesta, rolled out in 2041, is a variant of the MK.2 with an emphasis on weapons payload.
It has been updated with added specifications in comparison to the normal model.
It is equipped with the original's large wings, various stabilizers, and not only a machine gun but but also a broadsword and long-range launcher, enhancing its capability of engaging in a broad range of combat ranges.
In order to stabilize the weight imbalance caused by the added equipment, a brand new stabilization head sensor can be equipped.
The sensor allows for effecient operation of a variety of weapons.
In addition to all this, the armor parts can be combined to assemble a support fighter, allowing the Mk.2 Tempesta to take a variety of combat tactics.
The default setting for the AI is somewhat gentler than the normal variant but at the same time does not show any hesitation to use its strengthened specifications in combat.

Battle Class: Special
Body: [ACR]
Head 1: Head Sensor, Unicorn
Head 2: FL016 Head Gear
Alt.Head: Anero Sensor head
Chest: FL016 Chest Guard
Leg: FL016 Battle Shoes
Arm: FL016 Light Gauntlets
Shield: Dico Shield
Rear Units
Rear Unit 1

Rear Unit Shinpetalas

Rear Unit 2 Rear Unit Koripetalas

Riding Gear 1

AT4P "Papillon"
Riding Gear 2 AT2C "Coleoptera"


Light Saber Holders
Stabilizer FL016 Stabilizer Wings
L.Arm: Alvo BD1 Battle Dagger
Alt.L.Arm 1: M4 Light Saber
R.Arm: Alvo PDW11
Alt.R.Arm 1: GE Model LC3 Laser Rifle
Alt.R.Arm 2: Alvo PDW9
H.Wep 1: Lilianne
H.Wep 2: Cocolette
H.Wep.Replace: GE Model Railgun
L.Armlet GE Model LS7 Laser Sword
R.Armlet GE Model LC5 Laser Sword
Acc1: Hair Extension [Arnval Mk.2]
Acc2: Extend Booster 1
Acc3: Extend Booster 2
Acc4: Landing Gear AT3 L/R