Cannon Type Fort Bragg


Arms in Pocket






Pistol, Machine Gun, Launcher (Extreme Proficiency)

Poor With:

Swords, Throwing Weapons

A heavy design, Cannon Type Fort Bragg lives up to her name. She is a representation of an armored tank type philosophy, taking up the mantle of durability and firepower to a near-extreme. With heavy armor and multiple varieties of heavy weapons, as well as a truly monstrous external equipment, she's capable of maintaining near absolute Ground Supremacy and still maintaining a decent amount of stability in Close Combat. She does, however, suffer from low maneuverability and lacks pinpoint accuracy. For obvious reasons, she's popular with boys and military fans.

Fort Bragg has no Flight Capability with her stock equipment.

Battle Class: Heavy/Support
Body: [CAN Type] AIP021
Head: FB-HP4 Bombardment Helmet
Chest: FB-RP3 Firing Backpack
Leg: FB-WP7 General-Purpose Protectors
Wrist: FB-WP2 General-Purpose Protectors
Shoulder: FB-WP4 General-Purpose Protectors
Rear Units
Backpack: FB-RP3 Firing Backpack
Control Brace: FB-RP3b
Control Panel: FB-RP3c Console Panel
Firing Brace 1: FB-RP3s Stand
Firing Brace 2: FB-RP3f Foot Pedals
L.Arm: FB0.9V Alpha Pistol
R.Arm: FB Model M16A1 Assault Rifle
H.Wep: FB256 1.2mm Smoothbore Gun
Alt.H.Wep: FBM-148 Model Javelin x4
Acc1: FBGM Mechanized Exoskeleton


  • Most Fort Bragg models are sold with a tan color scheme to their armor, versus the green colors shown above. This Editor Komamisa (talk) 10:47, October 16, 2012 (UTC) used the current picture due to it being the original concept art.
    • Furthermore, the Launchers on her shoulders aren't on the normal models, but I gave them to her in the Armnaments section
  • The Firing Backpack is capable of being deployed and with the help of the detachable Control Panel can be remotely controlled to fire at an enemy.
  • Fort Bragg has an Exoskeleton unit that's sold separately. It adds a prodigious amount of firepower and size.

The Fort Bragg Exoskeleton in all of its glory.