Welcome to the Busou Shinki Roleplay wiki

This is a wiki created for the sole purpose of organizing and maintaining in-depth information on the Busou Shinki Roleplay in Roleplayer Guild. The cast is comprised of several original characters in the form of Shinki all owned by one Master, living out their lives as 15cm tall robotic constructs. For further information and for a directory of the contents of this wiki, see the Slider below.


As information on the Busou Shinki universe is almost entirely in Japanese at the moment, many things in this Wiki may be inaccurate to how they really are in-universe. For example, many parts for the Shinki maintain their original names, but take their statistics and basis from Armored Core For Answer. That being said, having watched the Busou Shinki OVA or TV Series is recommended but not necessary to joining this roleplay