Angel Type Arnval Mk.2


Front Line






Long Sword, Machine Gun, Launcher, EN Weaponry

Poor With:

Thrown Weaponry, Bombs

Angel Type Arnval Mk.2 is the upgraded version of the long-running Arnval series of Shinki and was part of a limited series re-release. Built with emphasis on speed, upgrading her body to an MMS 3rd Tall, and upgrading her package to support all ranges, Arnval Mk. 2 is a lightweight model with high mobility, good close and sublime long range capability, and still has an excellent mobile and static defense. Incredibly versatile, and undeniably quick in all aspects, she is able to equip a large variety of weaponry, with her only weakness being thrown objects.

Arnval series Busou Shinki, along with the Strarf series, have been the mainstay image of what a Shinki is since their introduction, and many famous Masters have claimed their fame through their partnership with Arnvals.

Battle Class: High Mobility/Aerial Supremacy
Body: [Angel Type]FL016
Core Unit: AGL:Arnval Mk.2
Head 1: Head Sensor, Unicorn
Head 2: FL016 Head Gear
Alt.Head: Anero Sensor head
Chest: FL016 Chest Guard
Arm: FL016 Gauntlets
Wrist: FL016 Light Gauntlets
Arm.M8.Sbr: Light Saber Holder Armlets
Leg+Wep: Riding Gear AT4P "Papillon"
Leg+Wep: Riding Gear AT2C "Coleoptera"
Foot.Boost: FL016 Battle Shoes
Shield: Dico Shield
Rear Units

Rear Unit Shinpetalas

R.Unit.Bot: Rear Unit Koripetalas
R.Unit.Acc: Dico Shield
Stabilizer 1:

Neo-Model Stabilizer Wings

Stabilizer 2: FL016 Stabilizer Wings
L or R.Wep: Alvo PDW11x2
Backup: M8 Light Saber
Kn.Mount: Alvo BD1 Battle Dagger
H.Wep 1: GE Model LS7 Laser Sword
H.Wep 2: GE Model LC5 Laser Rifle
Deployble 1: Lilianne
Deployable 2: Cocolette
Acc1: Hair Extension [Arnval Mk.2]
Acc2: FL016 Head Gear


  • The Arnval series has seen quite a few models, though almost all of them are aesthetically the same. The original Arnval has been modernized into the Tranche 2 version, which has a few Sensor Parts unique to it. The Tranche 2 is a better zone controller, but is comparatively much weaker in close combat. The Mk. 2 has much improved all-range combat packages, as well as several deployables and a heavy close range weapon.